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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

West Wing Report: June 22, 2010

Fore! Republicans think they can gain political advantage by criticizing the number of times President Obama has played golf. Obama has hit the links on a regular basis this spring – and the GOP thinks that’s the wrong message to send – especially while oil continues to spew into the Gulf. The administration disagrees. More from Paul Brandus at the White House.

The question: how much golf is too much – and is Obama’s golf comparable to BP Chairman Tony Hayward spending Saturday at a yacht race?

Good morning – I’m Paul Brandus and this is West Wing Report for Capitol News Connection. And that question was put to Bill Burton, the White House deputy press secretary.

"I don't think there's a person in this country who doesn't think that their president ought to have a little time to clear his mind."

It’s the toughest job in the world. Every President needs time off. Burton says just look at everything he did last week alone:

“And so after a week where the president was taking on the oil spill, got an historic agreement with BP to put aside $20 billion to pay claims; after a day on Friday when he strengthened lobby and ethics rules in the White House; after going to Ohio to talk about the economy and see the progress that’s being made and some of those stimulus projects that are happening around the country — all the different issues that the president is dealing with, I think that a little time to himself on Father’s Day weekend probably does us all good as American citizens that our president is taking that time,” Burton said.

E-mails and messages to West Wing Wing Report are mixed: One man writes: “Everyone needs an escape valve – especially whoever’s doing THAT job. But another says: “It’s insulting that our duffer-in-chief plays so much, where are the jobs?”

Shifting gears – it has been three months since that big healthcare bill was signed. The President meets this morning with insurance and state government officials to discuss how things are going.

Later – he’ll sit down with Defense Secretary Gates – this ahead of tomorrow’s national security meeting on Afghanistan and Pakistan. And tonight – an event on the East Room marking Lesbian, Gay and Transgender Pride month.



9:00AM In-Town Travel Pool Call Time

9:30AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office
Closed Press

11:15AM THE PRESIDENT attends a meeting with health insurers and state insurance commissioners
Roosevelt Room
Closed Press

11:45AM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks regarding the ongoing effort to implement the new law and the new benefits it affords to families across the country
East Room
Open Press (Pre-set 10:45AM – Final Call 11:15AM—North Doors of the Palm Room)

Private Dining Room
Closed Press

1:35PM THE PRESIDENT meets with senior advisors
Oval Office
Closed Press

3:15PM THE PRESIDENT meets with Secretary of Defense Gates
Oval Office
Closed Press

4:00PM THE PRESIDENT holds a Cabinet Meeting
Cabinet Room

6:00PM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT attend remarks at an LGBT Pride Month event; THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks
East Room
Pooled Press (Pre-set 5:00PM – Gather Time 5:30PM – North Doors of the Palm Room)

Briefing Schedule

12:30PM Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs


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